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Making ATV / UTV Tactical Operations Safer

Mission Statement:
The Professional Association of Safe Tactical Riders (ThePASTR) works to promote safe practical riding through education and training for those professionals who operate ATV's and UTV's for emergency response and/or work.  Further we seek to create a forum of open discussion and facilitate professional contact, of like minded people, who can share their experiences of ATV's and UTV's in the fields of tactical response. (Fire, EMS, Rescue, Police, Military and Industry).

Vision Statement:
The PASTR will be the premier group of professional tactical riders.  PASTR will lead the way with unique educational experiences and opportunities, custom created learning practical events and safe practices reaching out to all professionals who seek this knowledge to hone their skills.  Using lessons learned from all over the world to enhance future response activities of other responders the PASTR will continue to grow and expand to meet the needs of its members.



The PASTR is NOT about Sports, Racing, or out having fun after hours -- it is about Tactical Riders out having a mission to complete and doing it successfully with these machines.  Both ATV's and UTV's can enhance the responders abilities if used correctly.  If something goes wrong out on a mission or a rescue because you were fooling around and not paying attention you could jeopardize the success of the mission.  Sports, racing and having fun after hours are different events.  

Safety is paramount in all operations with these vehicles.

We stand behind the ATV Safety Institute and the Recreational Off Highway Vehicle Association in their endeavors to promote safe operations of these machines as well but our charter is not for the occasional sports user.  Our charter focuses around professionals needing to complete a mission because peoples lives may be at stake.

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